There are many ways to make your money work for you while in the office, home or anywhere.

Recently, I came across my old school friend in a prestigious event at lekki, we were both
excited to see each other because it been 20years . After the event, we chatted and went
our different ways although we fixed our meeting the following day because the event ended late.
On the following day, we met at a very nice place and we started chatting. He shared his secret
which he claimed should be part of my family culture for generations to come. Although, what he told me was not new but how he did it was what amazed me. however, at the age of 45, his parent where not rich but he has build a fortune from this simple step. I will share with you. He built it from two sources; which I have started practicing and have seen that it works wonders. There are:

Deliberate saving: savings is not an easy step or let me say a decision to take. It comes with pain
because it is not part of us from childhood. So, for you to form it means, you will have to discard many things.To develop a habit of saving consistently is the key to your success and financial freedom. Just as foundation of a house is the most important because it is on the foundation that other parts are built on to form a complete beautiful building.Likewise, it is your habit of savings that your financial freedom will be built on. My friend started saving at the age of 17. He got the advice from the Lebanese he worked with. The advice is that save and let your savings work for you and how can your savings work for you? this is simple, save and invest your money into an investment that multiply overtime while it is in your bank. For instance, treasury bills for 91days that will yield an amazing interest.

Stock: Many have lost interest in stock market; anyway I once do also not until I met my
friend who told me that his dividend from his investment takes care of his yearly expenses. Initially,
I didn’t believe him because I didn’t see the possibility. He went further to tell me that he lost money too in thestock market but he met a stock broker who went abroad for several training after the meltdown to
learning and predict with the sophisticated tools they used. Since, his investment has been compounding at a rate I can’t disclose. So, he recommended that I should get a stockbroker who uses trending tool and technology to monitor the stockmarket. The question I asked him was where can I get a such a broker when broking houses are folding up and 80% of the broker we have are old fashioned. He recommended one for me and I took his advice which is setting me free financially.

I hope you can just follow the above steps. Just give it a try and if you need any help just post your comment
below and I will personally reply them

Best Regards

Ambrose Omordion



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