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Welcome To InvestData Consulting Limited

Investdata Consulting Limited was incorporated in year two thousand and eight (2008) with RC756048 and commences operation in 2012. Having taken a cursory evaluation of Nigeria economic terrain with enormous population and unending needs of clients whether corporate bodies, private individual, multi national and government etc

Investdata is a Financial Consultant with interest in various aspects of research, analysis, investment education and training. Investdata is a leading professional services provider committed to providing investment information through strategic research, risk management, investment education and development of trading methodology to enhance investor’s profitability level.

We believe that every man is a product of what information is available at his disposal. In like manner, financial emancipation is a product of planning through information.

In developing our business focus and relevance in the Financial Industry, we have identified the group segments of the economy and existing and potential gaps in the sectors. Therefore, our business has been built along the following lines: Consulting, market research, equity research, company fundamental, technical analysis and street analysis.

Our intent at Investdata is to create a better-quality long time performance together with extraordinary client service to retail clients. In order to change the general orientation towards wealth creation, we intend to influence the Nigerian populace towards a more voracious participation in our fertile investment landscape and to re-orientate professionals, individuals and corporate organization of the significance and attitude towards savings and investment culture. This is through a more focused enlightenment approach particularly through the print and electronic media.


Our mission is to attain by, operating as investment information outfit where investors, advisors, market operators, management of organizations and government seek us for the knowledge and expertise we posses to provide reliable data for favorable outcome.

To become the beacon and the benchmark for investors service delivery in any field of life to make profitable decisions through information enhancement and accessibility.

Our focus at Investdata Consulting Limited is to stay ahead on the technology curve and competition while amid the employment of current technologies and expertise to bring about prompt product and services that will enhance our client investment decision for greater returns.

Our Company Skills

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