“Dear Ambrose, thanks for the great job you are doing in the area investment information. When are we expecting the DVD of this last INVEST SUMMIT 2018.  You must be thinking of how you can accommodate those in Port Harcourt ,just as Dr ABAYOMI did for us. Tanx.”

“I attended the workshop and it was very rewarding. How I wished I invested immediately after the workshop I would have made a lot of money by now. Anyway there are still a lot of opportunities going by the tips given . Keep up the good works” . Wilson

The above is from those who participated in the one-day  workshop. Just like he said that he wish to invest immediately after the Seminar. However, I understand how busy you are, your reservation for the current economy so it really no big deal that you did not attend the seminar.


Nevertheless, don’t forget that information rule the world also the Holy Books says my people perish for lack of knowledge and we all know that the stock market depends on information about the impact of decision made on the economy.
For this reason, I hereby announce the release of the comprehensive USB HOME PACK and soft copies of the presentation’s of the one-day workshop on Invest 2018 traders & Investors summit
In the USB you will be getting.

*1• How to generate a consistent income trading stocks on your own via phone and laptop*

2• The power of trading quarterly and full year earnings reporting season

*3• Our rules-based approach to trading stocks.*

4• How our buy & sell signal setup works

*5• How to take advantage of best market timing strategies to positon before Major market earnings reporting season.*

6• How to quickly and accurately “predict” the next market reaction and move

*7• Learn why trading less is making more and how to make use of trend
identification, resistant and support to double your returns*

8.Learn how to follow the institutional money flow.

*9. How to use stock market to buy and sell and much more*

This is an invaluable course for anyone who has already dabbled in the markets with very little knowledge or those wanting to start trading but not knowing where to start. So call +2348032055467 without delay, no procrastination, to order now.

Happy Trading
Ambrose Omordion
PS: If you are already a stock market investor you know the rush associated with both buying and selling shares. The majority of Stock Market Investors make their decisions based on their emotions or advice from their stock brokers with little education! Both of these stock market investment strategies carry a high degree of risk. Learn from the experience of someone who has already experienced the highs and lows of trading and come out the far side in positive territory! Hence, place your order now by calling +2348032055467, +2348028164085 delay is a decision, sitting on the fence is a decision, following the crowd is a decision infact indecision is a decision. The choice is yours



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