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Also, it is an opportunity to know you identify opportunities in different sectors, especially with the Federal Government’s plan to spend almost N8 trillion for 2018, which if implemented will quicken ongoing economic recovery.


Discover how you can unleash your Income Potential Trading stocks.


Discover how you can unleash your income potential trading and investing in stocks

Trading and investing is no Rocket science – it just requires a blend of discipline, patience and knowledge of market and economic fundamental and technical analysis to pick the right stock and sell at the right time.

Is this the summit that will pays for your vacation trip, puts your kids through school and some income in your pocket?

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“70% of success in life is SHOWING UP and taking steps”  

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This summit is the perfect opportunity to learn from the best industry experts and to get the personal attention in the exclusive Q&A session after presentations!

N.B: At this event you’ll hear real market situation case studies and see examples of exactly how you can use these same techniques. This summit is packed with great content, but the room only has capacity for 100 people and registration is ongoing, so you’ll need to act fast.

If you are looking for a way to make money in the market as a Full-time or Part-time trader, this is your opportunity.

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